I would like to donate…..(Monthly / yearly option)

  • Rs 200 a month to fund vital class room supplies
  • Rs 500 a month for a child’s education
  • Rs 3500 a month to train and employ a care giver.
  • Rs 500 a month to employ a professional therapist
  • I would like to:

  • Volunteer my time/skills/resources
  • Donate electronic books, educational CD’s, stationary, furniture.
  • Help spread awareness abut autism and various disabilities.
  • Become a buddy to a teenager or young adult-share a drink , go for a walk, or see a movie together.
  • I would like to become a :

  • Parent annual member Rs 500/-
  • Parent Life member Rs 5000/-
  • Professional Annual Member Rs 10,000/-
  • Institutional Annual Member Rs 20000/-
    All Donations made to Samvedna Institue are exempt under section 80 ATG of the Income Tax act 1950